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Pest Management Service Specialist

  • Perform service route that has been scheduled by exact time by the office.
  • Evaluates pest control situation by inspecting conditions; identifying new infestations and determining causes; analyzing treatment, prevention, and exclusion options.
  • Enter/exit structures, crawl spaces, climb over/on top of structures, and ascend/descend stairs.
  • Places pest control materials by determining appropriate bait, including gels, dust, granules, and liquids; applying pest control materials to interior and exterior.
  • Presents new services that can be offered by ABC.
  • Collects revenue by obtaining service verifications.
  • Completes records by entering required information.
  • Will be required to pick up dead animals.
  • Maintains quality results by adhering to company standards.
  • Read/write reports; comprehend pesticide labels and training materials printed in English.
  • Complete designated work within day/month assigned.
  • Attend weekly training meetings at 7:00 AM.
  • Maintains safe work habits by following company standards.
  • Utilize O.S.H.A. mandated personal protective equipment.
  • Utilize application equipment, inspection equipment and small hand/power tools.
  • Participates in Company sponsored continuing education classes.
  • Educate clients in proper sanitation as a part of the pest control program.
  • Interface with employees at different levels
ABC Home and Commercial Services 
Document ID: A6293-0K2V  
Job Type:  Regular

Job Schedule: Full-time

Posted on: 03/13/2013
Will not pay relocation expenses
Salary: $30000 -- $55000

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